Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ray Hole of ray hole architects to speak at TEA's SATE 2012 Experience Design conference at Disneyland Paris

Ray Hole
ray hole architects ltd

Ray Hole is an international, award winning architect and construction technologist with over 30 years experience gained in highly creative, multi-disciplinary design environments as; strategist, master planner, architect, structural engineer and designer. He founded his practice in order to provide expression to ‘experience economic’ philosophy, demonstrated through completed projects across a rich diversity of clients, cultures and business sectors (public and private). These include Snowdon Summit Visitor Centre, Hannover Rainforest House, VW’s Autostadt, Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum! and Durrell/Marwell Wildlife.

His active exploration of as many influences as possible has developed a design attitude which differentiates his approach and completed work. Underpinning this is a belief that creating ‘architecture’ is but one of a range of important mediums by which greater ‘value’ can be realised for clients, stakeholders, end-users, society in general and the environment.

This attitude, understanding and accumulated experience is forging an increasingly influential role in redefining the cultural, heritage (natural and man-made), science, industrial and themed visitor attraction sectors, but also creating new opportunities to take his skills towards the commercial/industrial workplace and other cultural territories. 

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