Sunday, July 22, 2012

Steve Simons of Event Communications to speak at SATE 2012 Experience Design Conference, 19-21 September at Disneyland Paris, hosted by TEA

Steve Simons
Executive Creative Director Of Event Communications

1968-1971 Epsom and Kingston College of Art and Design
Fellow, Chartered Society of Designers

Steve Simons formed Event with Celestine Phelan in 1986. He is responsible to our clients for the overall quality of our output and is involved in all of Event's major decisions, acting as creative catalyst and providing an aesthetic overview. Through Event and its work, Steve has developed a style of interpretative response that involves disciplines not often associated with mainstream exhibition design. These areas of specialist research, storytelling, thematic development, education, film, television and theatre are a common background for Event's creative work and shape its approach to design solutions.

Steve Simons trained at Epsom and Kingston College of Art and Design. He spent five years with George Freeman Design Consultants before joining Design Research Unit, eventually becoming Director of the International Special Projects Group. For three years, Steve acted as specialist consultant to the European Community, advising on all aspects of presentation and its participation in international exhibitions and World Fairs.

Steve’s design vision informs Event’s work. He is constantly researching new techniques and methods of presentation, seeking fresh insights that will deliver clients’ messages in the clearest and most exciting way. His originality of approach unites education and entertainment, breaking new ground and bringing innovation to every project.

Click here to view the full SATE 2012 conference program.