Thursday, September 29, 2011

Steven Rhys of Forrec to speak at Experience Design conference in Paris, 9/19-21: SATE 2012 hosted by Themed Entertainment Association

Executive Vice President, Forrec

As Executive Vice President and a Managing Director of Forrec, Steven is actively involved in directing and overseeing the full range of project types that are undertaken by the Forrec team.

With more than twenty-five years at Forrec, Steven draws on a range of skills and a wealth of experience that includes all of the sectors in which Forrec is engaged—from theme and water parks to resorts and mixed-use developments. His talents as a master planner enable him, in all projects large and small, to grasp the big idea—overall intent, context, business goals and, especially, integration, character and identity of the whole site—considerations that ensure the creation of a memorable visitor experience. Steven especially understands how visioning and storytelling can help in structuring a project, tying it together and weaving it into its larger context.

Steven’s team-building skills have resulted in successful projects for such major brands as: Universal Studios, CenterParcs Europe, BBC World, Everland, and many others In locations around the globe. Steven is a graduate of the University of Toronto, with degrees in biology and Landscape Architecture.

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