Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yves Pépin and Joe Rohde to Co-Chair TEA’s SATE 2012 Conference in Paris, 20-21 September

Joe Rohde
The TEA is pleased to announce that Yves Pépin and WDI’s Joe Rohde will Co-Chair the SATE (Storytelling - Architecture- Technology--Experience) 2012 conference in Paris, France, Sept. 20-21. 
Pépin and Rohde (among many other accolades, both have been honored with TEA’s Buzz Price Thea Award for Lifetime Achievement), will head up a volunteer committee drawn from around the world. 
Yves Pépin
With strong successes in both Amsterdam and Orlando in 2011, the SATE conference will now be held once a year and will alternate between North America and Europe, bringing together the industry’s best expertise in a unique, truly international educational and networking event that focuses on the creation of outstanding guest experiences. 
More details will be published in the near future - but begin planning now to be at SATE 2012 in Paris next year!