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Cultural diversity & Experience Design文化差异和体验设计: Yves Pépin and Joe Rohde chair TEA's SATE 2012 conference 由Yves Pépin和Joe Rohde主持TEA SATE 2012会议 19-21 Sept at Disneyland Paris巴黎迪士尼乐园9月19-21日

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Cultural diversity & Experience Design文化差异和体验设计:
Yves Pépin and Joe Rohde chair TEA's SATE 2012 conference
Yves PépinJoe Rohde主持TEA SATE 2012会议
19-21 Sept at Disneyland Paris巴黎迪士尼乐园919-21

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Paris, France – Yves Pépin, co-chair of SATE 2012, the annual, professional Experience Design conference at Disneyland Paris 19-21 Sept. hosted by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) announced, “The theme for SATE 2012 is: Cultural diversity in Themed Entertainment: Obstacle or Opportunity? We address this question: Armed with the storytelling techniques, architectural standards, and technologies of globalization, is 'themed entertainment' contributing to unproductive stereotypes, highlighting our cultural differences, or is it giving our global community a tremendous opportunity to find new ways of expression through its diversity?"
法国巴黎,20124 Yves PépinSATE 2012执行主席,由主题娱乐协会(TEA)主办的年度专业体验设计会议将于919-21日在巴黎迪士尼乐园举行。“SATE 2012的主题是:主题娱乐的文化差异:障碍还是机遇?我们将解决这个问题:讲故事技巧、建筑标准以及全球化技术,是'主题娱乐'贡献于毫无价值的刻板印象、强调我们之间的文化差异或通过它的差异性给予我们全世界一次绝妙机会去寻找新的表达形式?”

SATE 2012 co-chair Joe Rohde said, "This conference offers critical dialog of import to all who are in business (or who want to be) to create, design, supply and operate visitor attractions, including museums, travel, entertainment, gaming, resorts and world expos. The two-and-a-half days we will share together also promise an invaluable, trans-national networking opportunity for all who attend.”
SATE 2012执行主席Joe Rohde说:“这次会议为所有商务人士(或想成为商务人士)为创造、设计、供应和运营景点项目提供临界对话,包括博物馆、旅行、娱乐、赌博、度假村和世博会。两天半的时间我们将一起互相分享,对所有参加者来说绝对是一个价值连城、跨国交流的机会。”

Joe Rohde
Encompassing what TEA defines as the prime components of Experience Design, SATE stands for Story + Architecture + Technology = Experience. SATE 2012 will be held at the Newport Bay Hotel, Disneyland Paris. Registration opens soon at the TEA Box Office at; Last year's conference was completely sold out. For more information, visit TEA's official SATE 2012 blog.
TEA把体验设计定义为主要组成部分,SATE代表了故事+建筑+技术=体验。SATE 2012将在巴黎迪士尼乐园的Newport Bay大酒店举行。很快你就可以在www.teaconnect.orgTEA Box Office开始办理注册登记。去年会议全部售罄。如需获得更多信息,请访问official SATE 2012 blog.

SATE 2012 sessions will include case studies, testimonials and panel discussions covering the global attractions industry. The cross-cultural dialog will span the mature markets of the US and Europe, the rapidly expanding markets of Asia, and the emerging markets of the Middle East & South America. [For background information, see the TEA/AECOM Global Attractions Report.] The conference will be in French and English, with simultaneous translation provided.
SATE 2012包括涵盖全球景点行业的案例研究、褒奖和专家组讨论。跨文化对话将跨越美国和欧洲的成熟市场、亚洲迅速发展的市场、中东和南美的新兴市场。
[有关背景信息,请见TEA/AECOM Global Attractions Report.] 会议将使用法语和英语,提供同声传译。
About the SATE 2012 co-chairs关于SATE 2012执行主席
SATE 2012 co-chair Joe Rohde and Yves Pépin are celebrated industry leaders and design innovators; accolades for both include having been honored with TEA's lifetime achievement award.
SATE 2012执行主席Joe RohdeYves Pépin是著名的行业领导者和设计创新者,他们被授予了TEA终身成就奖。
 Yves Pépin

Joe Rohde is a 30-year veteran of The Walt Disney Company, starting his career as a model designer on Epcot, and continuing with projects for Disneyland Park in Anaheim, Calif.; Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla.; and Disneyland Paris. Joe led the team that conceptualized, designed and built Disney's Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort. He continues to oversee new attractions for that park and is also responsible for the creative design and content of Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa, at Ko Olina, O'ahu, Hawai'i, which debuted in August 2011.
Joe Rohde是华特迪士尼公司30年的资深员工,他在Epcot作为模型设计师开始他的职业生涯,相继参与了在美国加利福尼亚州阿纳海姆迪士尼乐园、佛罗里达州奥兰多迪士尼世界度假区和巴黎迪士尼乐园的项目。他继续负责监督公园的新景点项目还负责了位于夏威夷欧胡岛里沃德海岸于20118月首次亮相的迪士尼度假村-欧拉尼的创意设计和主要内容。

Yves Pépin is a globally renowned innovator in the design and production of large-scale, multimedia spectaculars. He invented and developed, in the 1980s, the technique of film projection on waterscreens - since adopted by Disney, Universal and others. Some of his most noted accomplishments include the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Ceremonies (Artistic Adviser) and the pyrotechnic show for the Eiffel Tower Millennium celebration in 2000 (Producer). He is creative consultant to the Yeosu Expo 2012 Committee on the Big-O project. He founded and ran ECA2 for some 25 years and is now an independent show producer.
Yves Pepin在大型多媒体设计和制作方面是享誉全球的创新者。在二十世纪八十年代,他发明并发展了水幕投影的技术--被迪士尼、环球影城以及其他地方采用。他一些最著名的成就包括2008年北京奥运会仪式(艺术顾问)和2000年埃菲尔铁塔千禧庆典的烟火演出(制片人)。他还是2012年韩国丽水世博会Big-O项目的创意顾问。他创办ECA2已有25年了,现在是独立的节目制片人。

About SATE (Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience)
SATE is a professional design conference presented by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) annually since 2007.The mission of SATE is to stimulate dialog among the makers of compelling places and guest experiences, reaching across a broad range of creative disciplines and market sectors within the attractions industry. SATE provides an environment to share diverse ideas and concepts, to challenge and inspire, and to discover collaborative opportunities.

The SATE 2012 committee co-chairs are Joe Rohde of Walt Disney Imagineering and Yves Pepin.
SATE 2012会议执行主席是由来自华特迪士尼工程的Joe Rohde以及Yves Pepin担任。

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About TEA关于TEA
The TEA (Themed Entertainment Association) is an international nonprofit alliance founded in 1991 and based in Burbank, Calif. TEA represents some 7,000 creative specialists, from architects to designers, technical specialists to master planners, scenic fabricators to artists, and builders to feasibility analysts working in more than 680 firms in 39 different countries. TEA presents the annual Thea Awards and the TEA Summit and hosts the annual SATE conferences (Story, Architecture, Technology, Experience). TEA also produces a variety of print and electronic publications, including the TEA/AECOM Theme Index, TEA Project Development Guidelines, and TEA Annual & Directory.

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SATE 2012 Conference Committee
SATE 2012会议委员会
SATE is organized by a volunteer committee of TEA leaders in conjunction with TEA staff.

Rick Rothschild
Yves Pépin SATE 2012 co-chair
Joe Rohde, Walt Disney Imagineering SATE 2012 co-chair
Rick Rothschild, FAR Out! Creative Direction TEA President

Session Chairs会议主持
Michel Linet-Frion, Center Parcs Europe
Jan Maarten de Raad, Jora Vision
Lesley Morisetti, LM Associates

Jean-Michel Louis, Les Petits Francais,
Klaus Sommer Paulsen, CNA Creative Network Agency,
Evelyne Villame, Loisirs & Marketing,

TEA Staff 工作人员
Gene Jeffers TEA Executive Director
Kathy Oliver TEA Manager of Special Events and Relations
Annika Oetken TEA Europe & Middle East Division Support
Judith Rubin TEA PR/Social Media/Editorial