Thursday, July 26, 2012

Andrew McIntyre of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre will speak at SATE 2012 Experience Design conference in Paris 19-21 Sept

Andrew McIntyre
Director, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre

Andrew is a leading authority on visitor motives, needs, perceptions, attitudes, behaviour and responses. His work helps clients towards a deeper understanding of their audiences. Andrew works with theatres, festivals, museums, art galleries, zoos and built and natural heritage sites, to imagine, plan, evaluate and re-engineer their visitor journeys. He advocates for relentless audience-focus, he is unequivocal that his clients should be vision-led, arguing that we should be leading, surprising and delighting visitors rather than pandering to their known interests.

Andrew has devised a battery of tools and techniques that track visitor behaviour and measure visitor responses; he has developed Culture Segments, a powerful new segmentation system based on visitors’ deep-seated beliefs about the value and benefits of cultural events; and pioneered new ways to understand and measure Brand Equity and Audience Capital, both vital to managing and deepening enduring relationships with our visitors. He has served as Chair of the Visitor Studies Group UK and teaches and lectures widely. Recent international work includes clients in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, China and the Middle East. In 1999 he co-founded Morris Hargreaves McIntyre (, an award-winning agency with a stellar, forward-thinking client list. 

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