Monday, July 30, 2012

Multimedia show designer Sophie Poirier to speak at SATE 2012 Experience Industry conference, 19-21 September in Paris

Sophie Poirier 
Show designer, Show director and production manager for Multimedia Shows
 In the last few years (2009-2012), Sophie Poirier has worked independently as Show Designer, Show Director and Project Manager, in close collaboration with the Multimedia Director and Show Director Thierry Nutchey, for the permanent show, "Mangrove Groove” at OCTBAY in Shenzhen, China. "Mangrove Groove," considered one of the world’s most ambitious multimedia water-themed stage shows, was produced by ECA2 for OCT.
As a fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese (having graduated from Paris University where her studies included Oriental languages, and also studied at the Normal school of Taipei), she brings a unique and relevant skill set and experience to the international entertainment industry as it expands rapidly into Asia.

In 1991 she joined ECA2 - a company that has earned international recognition for innovative success in the entertainment industry - as Project and Production Manager and Executive Officer. During her years at ECA2 she benefited from the direct influence of her mentor, Yves
Pépin, who built a worldwide reputation as a designer and producer of ground-breaking multimedia entertainment shows.

She acquired experience in the field of production and creative processes. Managing teams, budget control, and technical constraints educated her with the reality of the production of Shows, and furnished her with perspective for balancing creative needs and logistics in large scale events.  

Over the years, Sophie Poirier has focused more and more on the creative process, writing stories and designing show staging to give a strong identity to new spaces, and in 2009 she harnessed her multidisciplinary experience to form MU-EVENTS, a company dedicated to expressing innovative vision based on unbounded creativity, with a view to becoming a major player in the future of multimedia events.

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Select projects - Sophie Poirier
With ECA2:

  • 2009: concept design and Project manager for “la note bleue”, Permanent Show at Futuroscope France
  • 2008/2009: Concept design and Project Manager of the “Magix Box” for SGGC pavilion at Shanghai 2010 Expo
  • 2006/2008: Concept design and Project Manager for the tender bid for the 2008 Olympic Ceremonies, contracted to be with the Artistic team for Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies
  • 2006: Concept design and production manager, Gala dinner Show for Amway China
  • 2004: Project manager for the Paralympic Ceremonies Athens 2004
  • 2004: Project Manager for Nanjing City Mall China
  • 2003: Project Manager for “luz y voices del Tajin” Veracruz, Mexico
  • 2002: Project Manager and screenplay of the “Miroir d’Uranie” Futuroscope , France
  • 2000: Project Manager for “Le lac aux images” Futuroscope , France
  • 1998: Project Manager for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Football World Cup 1998, France
  • 1997: Project Manager for the Permanent Show Terra Encantada, Rio de janeiro, Brazil
  • 1996: Project Manager for the Permanent Show for”The Princess of the flowers”, Taichung, Taiwan
  • 1993: Project manager for the Permanent Show “Lasers”, Taichung, Taiwan
  • 1991: Project Manager for the Permanent Show “the daughter of the waters and the son of the fire” Beijing, China

As an independent producer:

  • From mid 2009 to February 2012, Screenplay and Show Director, with Multimedia Director and Show Director Thierry Nutchey, of the permanent multimedia Show “Mangrove Groove,” at OCTBAY in Shenzhen China.