Friday, August 3, 2012

Vernon Teo of Asia Pines Entertainment speaks at SATE 2012 Experience Design conference 9/19-21 in Paris

Vernon TEO
Executive Producer
Asia Pines Entertainment and Event

From the most unusual circumstances, Vernon discovered that being creative is much more effective than being reactive. In 2006, he conceived the world’s largest floating performance stage in Singapore Marina Bay. Impossibilities fueled his creativity. Whenever someone guns down his imagination, a new reality arise from him. He went on to produce the first ever water-based National Day Parade for Singapore in 2007, the first ever multi-dimensional Ramadan Pavilion at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi in 2009, and became the first Executive Producer for the inaugural Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremony. Create creativity is the new paradigm. In all of Vernon’s productions, there is always an element of diversified creativity at work. Precisely in this, he believes that magic can defy logic, and where creativity is no longer an imagination, but a new reality whereby the audience will experience experiences, in a new realm.