Tuesday, September 18, 2012

InPark Magazine publishes profiles of SATE 2012 co-chairs Yves Pépin & Joe Rohde, and speaker George Wiktor

Visit the InPark Magazine Editors' Blog to see profiles of Yves Pépin & Joe Rohde, SATE 2012 co-chairs, and of George Wiktor of the GW Group, who will lead the SATE 2012 wrapup discussion.

The SATE 2012 Experience Design conference, hosted by the Themed Entertainment Association, convenes 19-21 September at Disneyland Paris. The speakers will address a full house: with about 150 registered delegates, the conference is sold to capacity.

InPark Magazine is an official SATE 2012 Media Partner.

From the Yves Pépin profile: 'The story behind the spectacular, according to Pépin, is always discovered through intuitive listening. “What I say to my team is: Don’t think we are ‘creating’ a story. We are not God. Go to the location and stay there. The story already exists there. The place knows the story we are going to tell. Our work is to be open, listen and wait until that story comes to our ears. It works if you are in a receptive mind, if you have patience. But you have to get away from the pressure of the job, to be able to listen for the story.”'... Click here for the full article.

From the Joe Rohde profile: 'Having spent his childhood in Hawaii, Joe immediately leaped at the opportunity to share the complexity, intricacy and delicacy of Hawaiian arts and culture at Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa located on the Island of Oahu. Joe’s passion for history, storytelling, and art helped create a foundation for a project unique in all the world. Recently opened, it is the company’s first major resort not tied to existing park locations, as well as a celebration of Hawaii, where Hawaiian voices speak for themselves about Hawaiian ideas.' ... Click here for the full article.

From the George Wiktor interview: "Every generation is different. The generational changes of the last 10-15 years are huge, and I want to send a positive message about these youths of today. These kids are quite connected to the world, and they think it’s a pretty amazing place, even with its challenges. Their self-image is one of optimism and challenge and interest, and they deserve to be addressed with hope and optimism." ...Click here for the full article.