Monday, September 10, 2012

Kile Ozier will Tweet SATE 2012 highlights each day, 19-21 Sept at Disneyland Paris

We are pleased to announce that Kile Ozier, Itinerant Creative Executive, will be the Official Tweeter of the SATE 2012 Experience Design conference, hosted by TEA at Disneyland Paris 19-21 September.

Kile will capture and Tweet highlights of SATE 2012 and share memorable quotes from each day of the conference.

To see the Tweets, you can follow Kile on Twitter @KileOzier.

Or, follow @TEA_SATE. Kile's contributions will be re-posted there.

Kile has been intimately concerned with SATE - he was chair of SATE Orlando in 2011 and 2010. (The conference location alternates each year between the US and overseas.) Learn more about Kile via his website or his blog.

Have you registered for SATE 2012? Tickets are available via this link.